Building AR Application

The course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of AR, start working with using the open source AR tool kit and familiarize with the Unity Engine. This class covers emphasize on step by step order that is simple to follow and interactively fun working together individually and group task, Students shall able to grasp the development quicker and enjoy developing their own application. After the completion of the course learner will have good understanding and practical knowledge on

Program Overview

Learning Outcomes

  • Good understanding and practical knowledge on the importance and best practices of Augmented Reality (AR)
  • AR platform and interface.
  • AR image recognition and modeling
  • Basic Programming of C# for Unity
  • Web services and database
  • Develop marker-based AR application
  • Development of marker based AR via QR detection
  • Building AR projects
  • Cloud Integration using AR
  • AR accessible on internet

Duration : 30 hours


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Course Contents

Module 1
Introduction to Augmented Reality (AR)
  • The importance of AR for Industries
  • Roadmap of AR technologies for today requirements
  • Projection of nect AR deliverable
  • Best practice of AR
Module 2
Explore and Get Ready with AR Platform
  • AR Platform and Interface
  • Technology to develop AR
  • Exploring the AR tool kit

Exercise: Installation of Unity Engine

Exercise: Installation of Sketchup

Module 3
AR Image Recognition and Modeling
  • Image Processing Technology
  • Video Recognition through Frame Detection
  • Explore the 3D modelling
  • Tag objects to enable AR

Exercise: Capturing image to be a Marker

Exercise: Demo on 2D example

Exercise: Making an 2D and 3D object

Exercise: Develop your own 3D via Sketchup

Module 4
Learn the Basic Programming of C# for Unity
  • Demonstration on the connected Augmented Reality
  • What is C# programming?
  • Use C# to develop AR Logics
  • Familiar with C# programming ways
  • Walkthrough the Unity Engine

Exercise: Develop the first AR Application

Exercise: Work with C# example to interact with 3D object

Module 5
More details on Marker Based
  • Learn the marker-based through bar code detection
  • Calibrating and training the device camera for video capture
  • Develop the marker-based AR application for mobile devices

Exercise: Deploy the Unity application to your mobile devices

Exercise: Test example of marker-based demo

Module 6
Development of AR and Right Process

Develop Marker-based AR via QR detection

Walkthrough AR development process

  • Learn the marker-based through bar code detection
  • Step 1: Marker Planning
  • Step 2: Devices Calibration
  • Step 3: Building Model
  • Step 4: Develop Program

Exercise: Test same steps to release digital content to world

Exercise: Enhanced development process

Module 7
Build your AR Projects through common examples
  • Develop marker-based AR via image features
  • Step 1 Capture your marker image
  • Step 2: Configure the devices
  • Step 3: Building Models
  • Step 4: Develop Program

Developing multiple of AR targets

Exercise: QR marker testing

Exercise: Make more 3D objects to present to AR View

Exercise: Deploy AR application to your mobile platform

Module 8
Enabling AR to everyone to access
  • Program the Cloud Integration using AR
  • AR Control and Monitoring solution
  • Making AR accessible on Internet
  • Web Services and Database query
  • Store and Request data

Exercise: Make your datasets on the cloud server

Exercise: Query your data from cloud server to Unity

Exercise: Develop real-time data view on the models

Exercise: Deploy the application on your mobile devices

Exercise: Group Project – Developing your AR project.