About Us

LearningBerg is an enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS) focusing on latest emerging trends in industry 4.0, Information Technology and Industry Learning with a vision to change the learning system. We are well versed in providing technology related solutions and applications, while specializing in creating customized applications and e learning courses. Our strength factor remains to be learning and growing despite our years of expertise we carry along with us. No limit, remains hidden for learning and growing ever. New innovations keep on hitting the ice berg on a daily basis, which we are not only familiar, but we just make it better.

LearningBerg for Business

“For any possible solution we have, we will discover it”

LearningBerg for business, we provide it on demand, to help business thrive and grow. We support companies in any size to retrain and reskill their workforce to make them adept to today’s nature of work. Confiding that every course developed, is research based, tested and tried principal learning design. We learn all the time. We have hundreds of Instructional designers, who share with us their research and resource, which make us the best in the industry.

LearningBerg for Institutions

“Lifelong possibilities are endless”

What every aspiring student looks for is the skill to move from here to there. LearningBerg provides a faster, smarter and better way to measure and develop your skill, to make you ready for the future. Unfortunately, different trends come and go, faster moving businesses, that no opportunities will wait for you. Our Learning Management system is second to no one, our distinctive approach makes us different.

Why Choose LearningBerg?

Difference in demand and supply

Always better to train employees than hiring new ones.

Resource developed by industry experts

The content here is created by experienced industry experts, focusing on thriving for the future.

Technology based solutions

Tailored made programs, of digital tools and data, to deliver the best technological outcomes.

Growing businesses need the latest technologies

Instilling latest technologies can disrupt you, not if you are ready. Having skilled employees mean you are ready.